Why is accessiBe Important in Website Accessibility?

In the present day, every company and business owner show their online presence and project products beyond the local market through their websites. However, everyone without the exception of the disabled must be able to access different websites.

accessiBe is an online accessibility platform that merges with your websites to check for problems with accessibility and provide automated solutions. accessiBe functions fully with Artificial Intelligence based technology to allow online users to access websites while complying with ADA and WCAG regulations.

Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning

With the use of the best Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, accessiBe detects errors that affect the accessibility of online platforms to users and corrects these errors naturally. This ensures that the total process of improving websites to make them available for users is an easy job.

accessiBe keeps track of your website to ensure that posts and pages that are recently published are updated for easy access to users. Websites owners also receive a precise and updated audit of their websites monthly.

Screen reader and navigation modifications for users

The Artificial Intelligence that accessiBe uses can modify online platforms on several levels, which includes screen reader, and keyboard navigation. accessiBe scans and uses the alt-tags, icons for readers on-screen, and forms. There are also buttons, drop-down menus, and popups to enhance keyboard navigations.

In addition, accessiBe is straightforward to use because it installs a simpler interface for users on the website so that they can decide to modify it to fit the different types of disabilities.


Every individual should have access to any website they desire especially as the pandemic has stopped physical meetings and businesses. More than one billion people have one disability or the other but any form of disability should not deter people from accessing websites. Therefore, the creation of the best accessibility solution, accessiBe has increased the comfort of disabled online users.

Having access to online platforms is now the solution as every activity takes place online.  AccessiBe has also enhanced the use of countless websites by simplifying them including large firms’ websites and businesses.