How to drink Underground Cellar best wines on a budget

Although Underground Cellar has the best-quality, costly wines, it hasn’t excluded ardent wine lovers on a budget. As a result, the Second Label was reintroduced. Its concept is pretty simple; the wineries reserve their best grapes in the vineyard for the top wine.

A bottle of second and even third-label wine is also made with grapes grown in vineyard locations that the vintner considers less pristine than the top grapes’ locations. However, the wine produced is often just as good. Below are the best affordable wine versions for those on a budget.

  • Go for a cheaper Pavillon Rouge instead of Chateau Margaux

The famed wine from this first growth is sometimes regarded as the most feminine and finest wine. However, at roughly $800 per bottle, it isn’t exactly affordable—nevertheless, the winery’s second label costs around $185.

  • Try Le Pauillac De La Tour instead of Chateau La Tour.

While Lafite does not produce a third label, Château Latour does, with a bottle costing roughly $80. Not bad, considering this winery’s flagship wine can cost upwards of $1,000.

  • Try out the Le Volte instead of Ornellaia.

Tenuta dell’Ornellaia produces some of Italy’s most well-known Super Tuscan wines, and the price reflects this, with bottles retailing at an average cost of $220 per bottle. Grab the winery’s third label, Le Volte, the economical version costing around $20.

  • Drink Carruades de Lafite instead of Chateau Lafite Rothschild

Lafite is arguably the most well-known winery, and you can buy bottles of Carruades de Lafite at an affordable price compared to their counterpart Chateau Lafite Rothschild.

  • Go for Overture instead of Opus One.

Opus One, a winery founded by two of the world’s most famous wine families, is often sold for $300 per bottle, yet the winery’s second label, Overture, is available for $115.

  • A cheaper alternative for Sassicaia is Guidalberto.

Sassicaia is perhaps the most sought-after Super Tuscan on the American market, which is why it sells for over $200; however, Guidalberto, Tenuta San Guido’s second wine, costs about $50.


The wine brands mentioned above are among the best alternatives available if you’re working on a budget. You can also go for the lesser-known wine variety, which is usually cheaper and offers great value in turn.