Important things that you need to know about paint by number


Many people were introduced to paint by number when they were children but some have just heard about it. In case you do not have an idea what paint by number for adults is all about, paint by number is simply a painting system that involves delineation of pictures into shapes, and each shape is marked by a number corresponding with the paint color. Artist fills in each shape with paint by color until all the spaces get filled up. After it is done, a picture will automatically emerge. Paint by number is very simple and as easy as it sounds. It is the easiest way to get a picture done. Paint by number is slowly gaining popularity.

The history of paint by number

To understand more about paint by number, you must understand how it ass started as well. Paint by number kits was first developed in the year 1950 by a person called Max S.Klein. Max is an engineer and the owner of the Palmer Paint company that is based in Michigan. The paint by number kits was co-created by Dan Dobbins who is a commercial artist. Paint by number was received very well with people from all over the world and they gave everyone a chance to come up or create something beautiful. Many artists detest the kit but the public loves it and excites many. Even those people who do not know how to draw very well can still come up with great pictures without struggling.

Painting by a number like a professional

When it comes to painting by number, you do not have to be an artist for you to come up with a shape or design of your choice. If you just follow the given instructions, a beautiful piece of art will emerge. The only requirements that you need are a love for art and a steady hand. Although paint by number is straightforward, there are some important tips that you should consider using for the sake of getting your work right. Here are some of the important tips to use or consider.

  • Make sure that a flat area is cleaned before you get started. you should then use water and a paper towel for the sake of cleaning the brushes.
  • When the brushes start to get gunked up, you should clean them. To prevent any kind of drying, make sure that the ends of the brush are completely closed up.
  • When you are working on your piece of art, you should try working from top to bottom.

Paint by number benefits

Many benefits paint by number has to offer us. If you try to paint by number, you will be improving your eye coordination. If you are stressed, paint by numbers can be a great way to reduce it. Paint by number is one way of art that is used in encouraging other artistic endeavors. With paint by number, you can get a picture done without exerting too much effort.