6 great reasons to enrol for a GED qualification to gain a bachelor’s degree earlier

It’s the aim of many young Thais to study hard and set themselves up for later life by gaining the best qualifications on offer to set them on their way in their chosen career paths. The thought of being admitted to a university in the UK is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Those with an eye on becoming valuable employees in marketing, hospitality, finance, and in corporate business administration have such an opportunity, if they put in the required effort. But more importantly they decide to enrol at an education centre that can provide a GED qualification which is a perfect route to follow for the following 6 reasons.

  1. The program can lead to a bachelor’s degree in the subjects that it covers in just 3 years, which is 12 months less than if staying at home throughout and attending a university in Thailand which saves valuable time, and vitally, money.
  2. The first 2 years of the course are studied at an education centre, either in Bangkok or Phuket, before the final year is attended at one of the several universities in the UK that offer the program.
  3. Studying in the UK opens many opportunities, both to improve speaking English which offers great opportunities when it comes to finding the right company to work for, and to build a network of friends and contacts while also having fun in an amazing environment and seeing incredible places only previously viewed on TV or YouTube.
  4. Anyone worried about their command of the English language and how they might struggle once in the UK need not concern themselves. Free lessons are provided while attending the first couple of years so that a move overseas will be fun.
  5. Those first 2 years follow a curriculum formulated in the UK which has been certified by leading regulatory bodies. The highest standards and a clear path of communication are adhered to as well as the best materials being provided to allow students the best chance of achieving their goals.
  6. Just 4 subjects of 6 hours a day are studied in Thailand, allowing lots of scope for additional study and work to assist with funds, making it cost-effective, especially when considering the 12 months that are saved.

A GED qualification along with a bachelor’s degree and a year of study in the UK, leads to amazing experiences and career possibilities.