5 Incredible Tips and Ideas for Guests Visiting Gentleman’s Clubs

When it comes to visiting a gentleman’s club, men often have weird and unique fantasies. After all, the idea of being around nude, or skimpily-dressed strippers, is entertaining for sure. If you have never been to a gentleman’s club, there are a few basic things worth knowing. The place itself can make a huge difference to your experience. Top spots, such as Bucks Wild in Fort Worth, are very fun, but these places also respect the entertainers, and you can expect much better ambience. In this post, we are sharing the best tips for having more fun at a gentleman’s club in Fort Worth.

  • Take enough cash. That’s one thing every visitor needs to know. If you are sitting on the rack, which is the seating area close to the main stage, you are expected to tip. DO NOT take loose change. You may have to tip more at better places, but you are expected to do that.
  • Figure out the costs of lap dance. A lap dance is exactly what the name suggests, but don’t expect more. The price for the same is decided by the house, and if you want to enjoy the dance in a private room, or would want to add a song of your choice, charges go up. Keep in mind that lap dances are not compulsory, but worth an experience.
  • Behave, behave, & behave. Well, people come to gentleman’s clubs for these entertainers, but these girls are not escorts. Do NOT attempt to touch or take photos, because most places are absolutely strict with their policies. If you don’t want a lap dance, or wouldn’t want to avail the extras, saying a polite ‘no’ is acceptable.

  • Ask about booze in advance. Some gentleman’s clubs are not okay with BYOB scene, while others prefer guests to bring their own booze. It really depends on whether the club has a license, and it also may have guidelines for what you can bring in. Ask in advance, and do check their working hours.
  • Do not get drunk beyond a point. Entertainers and strippers at gentleman’s clubs expect guests to be sober. While getting drunk is okay, be sure of how you behave on the premises, and don’t say anything wrong to the girls. If they find your behavior unacceptable, you will be thrown out – Period.

Finally, have fun. Grab your beer, get your friends along and party hard!