Understanding the Innovation of Earnity – Dan Schatt

An emerging cryptocurrency investment firm based in California, Earnity is dedicated to building the future of cryptocurrency platforms through its bespoke and social-focused investment platform. The team at Earnity, led by Dan Schatt, has created a platform where its users can research, buy, sell, earn, and collect digital assets within a single one-stop-shop. Founded by veterans of the FinTech industry, Domenic Carosa & Dan Schatt have made it Earnity’s mission to make digital assets more accessible to everyone.

In service to that mission, on December 6th, 2021, Earnity closed their $15 million stock offering with BitNile, a respected Bitcoin mining operation. Earnity’s founders, Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa could not be more pleased by the deal and are looking forward to incorporating their resources to help make the general public aware of the benefits cryptocurrencies could bring to their lives.

Believing firmly in the future of finance being blockchain-based, Earnity is committed to developing cryptocurrency offerings that they believe will become the benchmarks against which the rest of the industry will measure their own products.

With the successful launch of their beta platform this quarter, Earnity and BitNile have been hard at work in producing a range of non-fungible tokens and DeFi products and protocols.

Taking control over your money should not require a degree in cryptography. As the social-first platform, Earnity, rockets in popularity, its focus remains on bringing its users the many benefits of cryptocurrencies and to provide a safe environment for all would be investors to broaden their understanding of the crypto marketplace.