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Moving is a complex process that one has to organize properly, always keeping into consideration numerous aspects. And when you organize an office move, things get a lot more complicated. More items to move, more people to involve, more professional commercial movers in Toronto to hire. Whether you are expanding the business or just moving its headquarters, you have a lot to think about in terms of how to organize properly. Here are a few tips on how to get a successful office move in Toronto.

Find a new office space

Before you even think about which are the best commercial movers in Toronto you could hire, find a new space. Choose a place that is large enough to easily fit all your employees and also has suitable meeting rooms and common rooms. Consider the distribution of your departments, guests, and any other need you might have over time. Make sure you choose a safe location, where the crime rates are low and you will be able to keep everyone safe. If some of your employees don’t have cars, look for places that are near public transport stations. Also, keep in mind that people might not find it so fun to commute on longer distances. Don’t move the office extremely far from where the other was or from where most of the people live. In our experience as commercial movers in Toronto, we rarely saw people who quit their jobs because their office was too far. But this is still an aspect that impacts them strongly, so bear it in mind!

Communicate the news to everyone

From your board to your customers, everyone needs to know that you will soon move to a new office. The sooner, the better. And while booking a move with one of the best commercial moving companies in Toronto should be a priority, communicating with your staff comes first. Keep a transparent process and make sure they are always well informed about the status of the move. If time allows you to, involve your employees in the process! Their feedback should be relevant when it comes to the space they need, the areas they prefer, and anything else that might contribute to their wellbeing at work. Do not underestimate the ideas they can bring to the table! From the design of the workspace to the commercial movers in Toronto you should choose, the people you work with could have some really good recommendations for you.

Make a plan

Planning might just be the most important part of any commercial relocation. Since a lot of people and things are involved, making a good plan and sticking to it is mandatory. You can use online tools that will make your life easier in this sense. Lots of office move project plans are available for free online. Or, if you are very confident in your team’s managerial skills, you can rely on them and do everything with your own resources. And remember: democracy is great, but you cannot always please everyone. Go with what the majority wants and, when this is not possible, go with what you think is better for everyone. When it comes to the budget of the move, to the new space, and to share tasks and responsibilities, you might know better than anyone. Just whatever you do, remember to communicate to your team and to your collaborators.

Establish a moving coordinating team

You will not be able to take care of everything. And part of the discipline and success of the endeavour is to split the tasks properly. We recommend you establish a team or a committee that will be in charge of the moving process. Of course, maybe everyone in the company will have their own tasks, but only some will coordinate. Assign tasks to people in your company and make sure nobody is overwhelmed. At the same time, be sure to explain that these extra chores are temporary and they will finish after the move is completed. Even from the very first steps, of finding a space and hiring commercial movers in Toronto for the job, you will need help. And you know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

If your dream is to move to a new office and have a fresh start there, plan it wisely and it will become true soon. Make sure to split tasks, organize properly, and give yourself and the other people involved enough time to take care of everything. An office move should be planned around one year ahead. If you need help with planning or if you are already at the point where you have to book commercial movers in Toronto, hit us up! At Let’s Get Moving, we would be more than glad to put our experience and expertise in your service.

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