Short Comparison between Online Trading and Online Casinos

Hello folks! Today in this guide, I am going to tell you some differences between trading online and online casinos. And which form of investment is better. You must have seen that most of the people switch to online trading and they find that as one of the ways of earning huge money. But how far it is best, you all know that. There can be cases where you can even suffer a huge loss, and this is what happens and the traders even bear with the loss. But that’s not the case with online casinos. After reading this, many of you will question thinking what the connection between the two is. So, let me give you one small instance.

Risk Factor Comparison – 

For instance, in online trading, you invest a 5Lac amount, whereas in an online casino for playing a gambling game you just invest 20k. You can lose your 5 lac in fractions of seconds, but in an online casino if you invest 20k then you get different types of windfalls (bonus) in the form of payout percentage and you also win a jackpot which may be of millions of rupee. So, here the risk factor is less in the online casinos, whereas in online trading there are a lot of risks. Oh oh, and not forget there are also brokers whom you have to pay some part of the money, whereas, there are no brokers in online casinos.

Refreshing Casino Games – 

So, you should always choose some best idn poker network sites casinos if you want to play casino games. And playing casino games are not all risky or boring. In fact, some of the online casino games are so refreshing that they will refresh your mind and also it will enhance your thinking capacity. Another point why online trading is a risky job? It is because the market is always volatile (unpredictable). But that’s not the case with online casinos. Online casinos are always predictable. Let me give you another instance.

Comparison Online Trading Vs. Online Casinos

For instance, today the online casinos offer a jackpot of 50 Lac for betting games like poker. And this jackpot is valid for 5 days. So, in between that there will be no change or fluctuation in the jackpot prize. It is not like online trading where at 10 O’clock the amount is 50 lac, so at 10:15 the amount will be 20 Lac, or even less than that. And how much do you have to deposit? At the most, 20K or even less for playing online poker games. And even if you lose you will always have some percentage of the amount back in your account which is the bonuses.


Plus, that amount which you lose is the amount that you already spend on shopping, dining, and partying. So, my dear folks if you compare it with online trading then you will know that the risk here in online casinos is zero and on the contrary, you get so many benefits, even on becoming an official member of the online casinos. Therefore, you should not waste your time in online trading if you are a novice and try to work smart with online casinos, and learn the tricks, tactics, and strategies of gaming if you want to win. Well, most of the games in IDN poker sites are soft i.e. easy to win.