Richmond Workers’ Compensation: Can You Choose a Doctor to Treat Your Work Injury?

Your treating doctor plays an important role in the success of your workers’ compensation claim. When you get treatment for work-related injuries, the opinion of your doctor will greatly determine the overall benefits package you can receive. 

Doctors vary in their opinions, impacting when you can go back to work, the amount of care you will get, and how much time it takes to get this care as a benefit covered as workers’ compensation. Given the confusion and complexity involved in workers’ comp claims, it is in your best interest to work with a work injury lawyer Richmond. Your lawyer will help you navigate the process of choosing your doctor. 

Can You Choose Your Doctor?

In Virginia, you can pick a doctor. But you must choose from a list of doctors that your employer or their insurer gives you. When you review the list, check if the doctors are too closely connected. A panel of doctors is only valid when it includes independent doctors, which means doctors who do not belong to the same office or practice. 

If the list of doctors given to you contains closely connected doctors, you can get a new list. If your employer or insurance provider fails to give alternatives, you can pick your doctor. Having a skilled lawyer is important in determining your option. 

Selecting the Best Doctor for Your Claim

A workers’ comp lawyer who is familiar with the network of doctors in Richmond can help you choose the right doctor. The opinion of your chosen doctor will influence your medical treatment approvals and lost wages benefits package. In fact, it affects your claim’s overall value. 

Keep in mind also that your chosen doctor can refer to you a specialist and therapist. When it comes to your health, your doctor has control over it, not the insurer. Also, you may be able to pick a doctor if your claim gets denied. But you will pay for your bills out of pocket or using your health insurance. Such a situation continues until you get reimbursements for your expenses through a medical award. 

The state’s workers’ comp system can get complicated and a lot of intricacies will impact your case. Thus, if you have sustained an injury on the job, you need a lawyer who can help you navigate these intricacies and ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Your attorney will also guide you when picking a doctor to treat your injury.