Program Structure For Community Health Diploma

If you want to contribute to community healthcare, you should check out the courses offered by ACE. Academy For Continuing Education has brought a good opportunity for aspirants living in Singapore. It is a diploma course that will earn you the knowledge and skills to serve in the community health service department.

What is the program structure?

The community health targets audience is the seniors. They need utmost care and attention. So without proper skills, a person would fail to manage or take care of them. This diploma course is called a Specialist Diploma for community care and healthy ageing of seniors. It is a work and study course in which the aspirants need to undergo twelve-month training. If the aspirants succeed after the training period is over then he or she will get a post-diploma certificate in the following:

  • Healthy Ageing
  • Holistic Assessment
  • Psychosocial Health & Nutrition
  • Community Care
  • Care for the aged with chronic illness.
  • In the case of Management, Multi-sectoral And Multi-disciplinary care.

However, to be a part of this course, you need to be a citizen of Singapore. Through this one course over twelve months, you will acquire the knowledge and certificate on six different topics.