Pet Portrait Artistswho paint portraits from photographs

Pet Portraits, or Pet Photography, have long been a popular method of personal expression, bringing artists and owners together for a moment in time. Paint your Life in a Frame. A reasonably-priced pet portrait studio will turn your cherished dog’s photograph into an unforgettable painting that you will treasure for years to come.

Artists who paint their portraits from photographs have a unique vision that comes through in their paintings. Some pet portrait artists specialize in paintings depicting pets from a specific era or lifestyle. Pet Portrait artists can create unique paintings, often using only pet owners’ portraits, to bring alive images from the past to the present. Artists often work with one-of-a-kind images to make sure your portraits accurately represent your pets in the most flattering way.

For pet portraits, traditional photography pose and color correction are needed before the artist begins to paint. Professional pet portrait artists know how to use digital technology to eliminate red-eye, soften skin tones, and correct shadows and highlights without reducing the color of the final painting.

Digital images can easily be manipulated for size, contrast, or colors to enhance or decrease dimension. Many artists work with a team of technicians to complete the preparation work necessary before painting, ensuring every aspect of the final work is perfect. These highly skilled professionals use a variety of digital software programs, including Photoshop, to modify digital images for pet portraits.

If you’re ready to see a listing of pet portrait artists. This studio offers both oil paintings and canvas art. They also offer classes to teach pet owners how to properly treat their pets. Painting healing Arts is not a traditional painting studio; instead, it is a place where pet owners can get a glimpse of their animals in a natural state on canvas.

Artists offer both standard and customized services. The artist who completes your custom portrait will carefully measure and photograph your pet, ensuring that each detail is captured. Once the artist is finished, he will create a realistic rendering on a custom canvas. Your pet portraits are then completed with top-quality inks to replicate the natural appearance of your animal. All of your pet portraits are completed in a timely fashion, meaning that you and your loved ones will never have to worry about the condition of your precious pets.

Professional pet portrait artists have been providing quality artwork and personalized house calls for families and individuals for decades. With new technologies, people are now more able to take advantage of these services. Many new websites allow customers to upload their photographs, and the picture is immediately used on custom canvas for the artist to create an original portrait. Customers are given the option to choose from several different styles of photo prints, including stretched canvases and hard copies of the image.