How was Corrugated Paper Originated? Here is an Insight into the History of Corrugated Boxes

The first writing paper was formed in 950 BC where the Egyptians pasted together the plant stem layers to use it for writing. The first genuine paper was composed of bamboo and mulberry fibers. The process was further advanced in 100 BC by the Chinese. In the 15th century, people in Spain, Germany, Italy and France used the first paper mills. The first paper mill in the US was built in the late 17th century near Philadelphia. The first paper from wood pulp was made in England in 1854 where the origin was corrugated paper was in the year 1856. Corrugated cardboard or heavy paper was used for the first time to wrap the flutes of lanterns for shipments. Now it can package almost any products. Interested to know more, head to

Evolution of corrugated paper

The Industrial Revolution led to the expansion of different sizes of corrugated boxes. Nowadays, they have mentioned the specific dimensions of every article at an affordable price and the preferred packaging for shipping.

Corrugated paper

This paper has been in use since the 1856. The simplest unlined corrugated paper was used for the first time to build the inside of a head for making a sweat band lining. The liner was equipped on the corrugated paper to prevent the flutes from stretching in the year 1874. This corrugation type is used in corrugation boxes similar to most people.

Origin of corrugated box

There was a process in 1894 to cut, fold and assemble a corrugated box perfectly. In the same year, the mass production of such boxes. The first ever company to use corrugated boxes was Wells Fargo for small shipments of freight. The corrugated boxes also gained governmental approval in the year 1903, the time where cereal companies used the same boxes.

The market boom

The production of corrugated gained speed from 1910. There were around 50 companies which made corrugated boxes as they were affordable, light and readily available that can be used for shipping.


The corrugated boxes were designed in a way that they were available in a range of sizes to adjust the needs of the customer. They worked well when it came to volume packing, uniform quality and they were easy to seal and handle by the workers as well. The corrugated box also provided a cushioning for the items it had. The box also let the manufacturers to print on the exterior and was also affordable enough to advertise on it.