Essential Services for a Boutique Hotel to Outsource

The boutique hotel sector is thriving, as more small custom hotels are springing up all over the UK to service domestic and foreign tourists who are looking for a unique hotel experience that the big chains simply cannot provide. In order to provide a 5-star service, a boutique hotel relies heavily on outsourcing.

  • Daily linen delivery – The only way a boutique hotel can offer a top-rated service is to provide clean and fresh linen on a daily basis. It is essential to forge an alliance with a local hotel linen supplier who has the resources to deliver every day and you can find them with a Google search.
  • Breads & cakes – Daily deliveries of a range of breads and baked products ensures that breakfasts are as they are supposed to be. Bakery products a must be as fresh as possible and the only way is a daily delivery of premier bread products and confectionary.
  • Prestige car hire – People like to have the opportunity to rent a prestige car when they arrive at the hotel and forging a working relationship with a top-rated care hire firm takes care of that. An exclusive limo service would also be on offer for VIPs, with airport collections.
  • Security – Of course, a top-rated boutique hotel would have round the clock manned security, which would be provided by a local security company. Larger hotels may directly employ security staff, while smaller businesses tend to outsource.
  • Kitchen cleaning – Every commercial kitchen needs a regular deep cleaning and appliance maintenance, which would be outsourced to a commercial kitchen cleaning contractor. Health & safety is always a concern for a hotel and compliance is, of course, critical.
  • Climate control maintenance – Imagine the nightmare of a hotel’s heating went down in the middle of the winter! It really doesn’t bear thinking about and the only way to ensure your HVAC system performs as it should, is to have the system serviced at regular intervals.
  • HR – A small boutique hotel might have 15-20 employees and there certainly wouldn’t be an HR department, rather all HR needs would be outsourced to a local agency. They would handle things like recruitment, payroll, annual leave, NI contributions and staff training, another thing they assure is compliance with the many rules and regulations.

Boutique hotels have a lot to offer the traveller and this is why they are so popular here in the United Kingdom.